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Robotic grippers with granular jamming

When I read this the first time I though this would be a dancing robot, but this was so much cooler.

How to use a paper towel (TEDx Talk)

I love TED Talks. I am always in schools and always using weak paper towels. I can do this simple procedure so I can do my part.

I love my job

What’s better than a sandbox?

A sandbox overlayed with some awesome augmented reality visuals powered thru Kinect. I mean why not! This could be an awesome platform for rapid prototyping of effects to ecosystems due to construction. Also a great place to fight GI Joe wars with crazy cool environments.

Tippexperience Ad is Impressive

You seriously just have to watch this thru and then check out the crazy interactivity of this advertisement. Just wow. I went through as many years as I could. Even to year zero. Now it is a cool ad but I personally am not one to need whiteout tape, cool either way.

BlackBerry 10 Camera

I never thought I would be impressed by Blackberry for something innovative. Well I was by this tiny snippet of the 2012 Keynote. Slight problem, this was the only thing that impressed. 3… 2… 1… An Android/iOS dev somewhere has started the app development. Soon there will be an App for that. Sheez.

The impossible texting & driving test

This is brilliant. Get off the phone when driving.

Best Job – London 2012 Olympic Games

I challenge you to watch and not tear up. Go hug your mom. Like right now.

Eye-of-the-Beholder Celebrity Status

This further proves that Americans just love the idea of celebrity with no basis. I know I am not that old but I remember my dad’s generation of actors actually had talent and ability. This means we really need to adjust our focus. I mean really bugged by the girl at the end… Really?!? Just wow.

Overseas Ads Are Amazing. Period.

I feel like advertising agencies overseas get to have a lot more fun than they do in the US. Maybe its all the restrictions or litigation that would occur from some of these things.