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Soccer Fans Are Awesome.

Robotic grippers with granular jamming

When I read this the first time I though this would be a dancing robot, but this was so much cooler.

How to use a paper towel (TEDx Talk)

I love TED Talks. I am always in schools and always using weak paper towels. I can do this simple procedure so I can do my part.

SNL: Football Players

I love my job

Eye-of-the-Beholder Celebrity Status

This further proves that Americans just love the idea of celebrity with no basis. I know I am not that old but I remember my dad’s generation of actors actually had talent and ability. This means we really need to adjust our focus. I mean really bugged by the girl at the end… Really?!? Just wow.

Overseas Ads Are Amazing. Period.

I feel like advertising agencies overseas get to have a lot more fun than they do in the US. Maybe its all the restrictions or litigation that would occur from some of these things.

DSLR Camera Shoulder Rig Tutorial DIY

I am saving this for when I get a 5Dmk3