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Project Delta: HP – WebOS – Passing of a company

With the recent news of HP killing off the WebOS the world has seen that innovation doesn’t always mean that you can take on goliath. Apple’s dominance of the tablet market has set the standard for what tablets should look like and perform. What is even crazier is the firesale of HP Touchpads that has caused iPad like frenzy to buy up a product that won’t even have support soon. It reminds me though of the Tucker Torpedo and how such a cool and innovative vehicle still ended before its time. I did appreciate the irony that many tech blogs found in the fray of this final firesale (like the alliteration?) and the comments that some gave for their reasoningbehind jumping on what was effectively a sinking ship. A great majority of folks that jumped on the WebOS were individuals who had not made a decision about a tablet device and took advantage of just a great deal.

Planetary for iPad

Screenshot of App in Action

Daft Punk - Discovery as seen by Planetary for iPad






























I usually HATE weird music visualizers/navigators. In the end they always seem to just take longer to find my music and is really just a gimmick. Planetary for iPad on the other hand is actually a gimmick I don’t mind. Check it out. It is free after all.



I lost my blog in the transfer of webhosting companies and so sadly I am trying to once again rebuild. There will be more coming. The first thing I want to do though is replicate a post I made back in April of 2009 in reference to my views on technology. Proud to say that when you googled a certain phrase in there you would only ever find my blog. For continuity sake I figured I should put it back on the internet so everyone could see.

Below is a direct copy of my blogpost from April 22nd 2009, saved thanks to the internet archive.

I have always said the following quote and have referenced it to other people but I can’t find it anywhere. SOOO… I am going to put the quote down as my own!!

Technology is only technology to those that did not have it as children…

I have always related this quote to my maternal grandfather. He was an awesome Granddad but he had the funniest quirk where he would eat any and all food that was at the breakfast/lunch/dinner table. I never really understood why until I got older (till then I just thought it was an over eater). My granddad didn’t eat all the food cause he was a pig. He ate all the food because he did not want to waste it. Why was that an issue? He never had a fridge growing up. He never had the convenience of simply shoving food under plastic wrap or in tupperware and putting it in a cold box till later.


I find often that the generation of teachers I am working with in schools have the difficult time of adopting computer eduction because the same quote applies to them. Students in this generation are without a doubt the MOST connected ever (until the next one). Kids grow up with broadband internet, readily available computers, and more powerful cellular devices that offer computer like capability.

From twitter to facebook to blogs kids can be connected and creating digital content all the time. The generation of educators that are preparing that are often not ready to accept it because they have not had the ease of experience that their children have.