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Don’t cross the streams!



I have a Tumblr blog in addition to this WordPress. I have several Twitter accounts that I manage in addition to the blogs. I have the obligatory Facebook profile as well as a Google profile page. I also have the older Delicious bookmark collection (which hopefully will get some new features under its new management). Shoot there is even an OLD blogspot page out there with my name on it.

Why do I mention this all in one post?

Sadly it is making me realize that I might be spreading my publishing power out too thinly by having too many channels. Albeit some of my public channels feed from others (Facebook statuses are really tweets and Tumblr posts feed into Twitter), I still think that I might need to organize into a more cohesive pattern what I do where and why.

Does this mean I blow up some sites and only use a few? Is it better for SEO purposes that I cross reference my own pages from myself? Or does that actually hurt me?

I think all of this is really coming into question since I lost the entirety of this blog and am trying to figure out which method would have the most “value-add” for whomever out there might need it.

As always… this means that there might be some changes coming. Maybe. If I can stop tweeting and get some work done.