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Great Photog Tip: Lose the double chin

I always tell brides/grooms/family when I do their portraits that posing this way may feel awkward but it definitely helps them look trimmer. Great video detailing different aspects of that good portrait headshot.

1-Bit Camera app

The apps keep bringing retro sexy back. First it was Instagram with its Lomo-esque filters or polaroid film borders. Now we have 1-Bit Camera that takes photography back to when we had digital photography but it was still in its infancy. Harking back to my Apple Quicktake camera that let me take digital photos but with so much noise they were basically useless (compared to the slick ISO of my Canon DSLR). Not long before we see cassette tape shaped iPhone cases. Oh wait.

1 bit Camera

Canon 5Dmk2 Price’s Down

5DmkiiFRYS is offering the Canon 5D Mkii for only $1899.

Canon’s extraordinary EOS 5D Mark II answers the needs of professional photographers and experienced enthusiasts alike. This thoughtfully designed digital SLR camera offers precise control over virtually every aspect of shooting to help you achieve your artistic vision. It combines a powerful full-frame CMOS sensor with Canon’s most sophisticated image processor to deliver stunningly detailed 21.1-megapixel photos. It’s also the first full-frame SLR to record widescreen video clips in high definition. Plus, you get compatibility with over 60 Canon EF-series lenses and an extensive lineup of EOS system accessories for outstanding photographic flexibility.

Kinotopic – iPhone app to create Kinos and Cinemagraphs

Kinotopic – iPhone app to create Kinos and Cinemagraphs. is available today for free on the iTunes app store.

Ft. Lauderdale is Beautiful

I am traveling in South Florida for some work and really wanting to do more with my camera phone. No doubt HTC did a great job with the camera in my HTC EVO, but I know I want more. Considering I love shooting with my DSLR one BIG thing that immediately sets apart DSLR cameras from your average Point and Shoot are the interchangeable lenses. That is where the internet steps in and with a quick search I stumbled across the neat little lenses at PhotoJoJo. I mean just look at this sample photo!! So AWESOME!! I mean no offense either but you can see that the sample photo below was taken with a Blackberry which isn’t really known for high quality photography. Now think about your own device… Yea thats what I thought. Now you want one too. Now that PhotoJoJo has them back in stock, you can! But first let me order mine!

Buy the Fisheye, Macro, and Wide Angle Camera Phone Lenses at the Photojojo Store!

Beautiful SLR Cheatsheet