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Breathing New Air

Lion InfoI apologize for the horrible pun, but I am pretty excited about this Macbook Air. Thanks to a lucky draw I was able exchange an iPad2 and get this little machine. I have always liked the Air but underwhelmed with its processor and SSD size. This new Air with an i5 processor and 4gb of RAM is just about perfect. Now I am shopping for a possible harddrive upgrade and looking at the 320gb from OWC. I know I know… I will break in this laptop a little more before I start hacking on it. The iPad has dropped off my “goto” device list now thanks to this MBA.

New Macbook Air


I am really liking the new Macbook Air. The boys and girls at Cupertino finally added the backlit keyboard into the smallest Mac laptop. The svelte machine also has the new Sandy hardware that Apple recently introduced. I have been avoiding the Cheezit sized Air for a little while but then seeing this photo of the construction, makes me really interested.