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Project Delta: Sharpening

When blades get sharpened parts get cut away, when someone gives advice it might cut too. Realize they’re just trying to sharpen you. – Me

I thought of this earlier today while working with some teachers. I was giving them some feedback about some work they did but in a few individuals eyes I felt like I just killed their puppy. Some others actually outright rejected my advice. It was a meager thing but then I acknowledged that often times I have had people give me life advice and I reacted similarly.

I thought of the analogy of a knife being sharpened, due to my affinity for blades I guess. The sharpening process for any tool is a destructive process. Metal is cut, sanded, ground, or even melted away to help sharpen a knife. There is no such thing as a naturally sharp knife. Even things in nature like a diamond have to be cut to refine the edge to a blade that can cut anything.

When a friend pours advice into your life, you really can be hurt but it might be sharpening you more than you realize.