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Dell Streak 7 with Honeycomb

My Dell Streak is now running a version of Honeycomb and I am very pleased with the Android tablet optimized version. I will do some more testing and then post some thoughts soon. So far it has been really clean and fast. Happy to know that it doesn’t require heavy hardware to run. Even 3D apps run quick and smoothly considering the Streak is a little underpowered compared to the latest Xoom, Sammie, and HTC entry. I will save the rest of my review for later though.

The Android Market

I love that Google keeps refreshing their market and apps for what the users desire. It should be rolling out soon but if you are an early adopter type then you can get the apk here.



SOURCE: Droid-Life.com

Google Plus

Like Versus PlusSo Much to say… So little time… Except for a Podcast! Tech Talk Guys is coming back!

WWDC: iOS taking GoogCues

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then Google must be kinda happy today. The usual revolutionary releases from Apple didn’t seem so “revolutionary” but instead kind of ordinary. The additions to iOS5 was really just taking cues from Google but in Apple style “it just works”. HAHA… yea we know Google has been doing it for a while and it has been working great. One thing I was happy to see with iOS was integration of Twitter right into the OS. There were some other features that were pretty cool but the one thing they did not include that I was waiting for was widgets!

I was really hoping that the iPad at least would get some derivative of MacOS Dashboard that would be widget-able. I guess that will have to come later.

The Filter Bubble

My friend Bill told me about this book and now that I have started I can’t stop and yet I can’t finish. This book is definitely one of those books that I need to constantly stop and re-read and research. Its brilliantly written. It definitely shines a new viewfinder on my internet consumption. It is all about the personalized search results/features of services like Google I am riveted and can’t wait to finish to encompass my thoughts and concerns.

What also concerns me is how online research is affected. If the internet is a “one way mirror” that is really personalized could that then mean results would biased to your opinion? Of course it does! The propensity towards a type of product would lead the results I find to top off with results that would be most attuned to me.

How will this affect a great number of students who don’t know how to research beyond “Googling” it. It really is throwing me for a loop. I really need to finish reading the book that way I can give a full break down but this book is so exciting I just had to blog.

The question is… Will you ever find my blog post if you don’t have me in your personalized search hit list?

Questions questions…

New Hack Project

Nook Color

I really want to get my hands on a Nook Color and root it to CyanogenMod7 (CM7). I got one for a friend on mine last week and after playing with it briefly I am convinced that it could be the best Android tablet on the market for the money. Considering the price of the Xoom and upcoming HTC Flier, the Nook Color can be picked up new for $250 and used for even less (I might have one for $150!). Combine that with fully fledged Android build rather than the kneecapped version that B&N puts on there and you have a serious contender. The size immediately made me love it. I know I have an iPad so of course I am going from 10 down to 7 on the screen size but it is actually very nice. I really like the construction as well. The Nook feels super solid in my hands. The lack of exterior buttons is also nice. The B&N build of Android functions well for what they want it to be, but seeing the Nook running my favorite flavor of CM7 is really exciting.

Cyanogen is one of the best custom builds of Android out there and I have diligently run it on my HTC EVO since the first root. I will post more once I get my hands on the Nook. I’m intrigued to try out Honeycomb on the Nook as well but early reports say that the Google Apps don’t run as well since it isn’t a listed device. Maybe Cyanogen can help out with that soon. Of course by the time they get Honeycomb up and running we might be prepping for Ice Cream Sandwich. Weirdly enough I don’t mind updating with all these new versions. Google does a really great job of innovating on each iteration and so it is always refreshing. Not like iOS which adds… Folders… Cool.


The Nook has been acquired and successfully rooted with CyanogenMod7. And I can definitely say it is lovely. Now I really want one myself as the Nook was for my wife. Of course with all the hubbub I wonder if Amazon will have their own updated Kindle with an Android flavor soon enough.