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WikiWars – Evan vs. Michael

This looks like it might have been developed during finals week at college.

SNL: Football Players

Star Wars as Disney

What can I say. I am in a movie mood. Here are some examples of an awesome crossover of Disney and Star Wars.

9GAG – Star Wars as Disney.

Eye-of-the-Beholder Celebrity Status

This further proves that Americans just love the idea of celebrity with no basis. I know I am not that old but I remember my dad’s generation of actors actually had talent and ability. This means we really need to adjust our focus. I mean really bugged by the girl at the end… Really?!? Just wow.

Overseas Ads Are Amazing. Period.

I feel like advertising agencies overseas get to have a lot more fun than they do in the US. Maybe its all the restrictions or litigation that would occur from some of these things.

Not My Parents

This is a funny video but thankfully my family doesn’t operate this way. In fact my mom was the one who gave me my first iPad.

Speed Camera or Not?

I feel that some times speed cameras are a copout for… well cops. Either way this guy takes his disdain of cameras and makes it pretty funny.

Cellphone Etiquette

I really think phone etiquette is something that goes totally unchecked. I will say this musician dealt with it in a funny way that I am sure embarrassed the cell phone offender.

Dance Like No Ones Watching? Even At Work…

People should enjoy their work and have fun with it or else it will wear you down and make you feel miserable. This guy definitely enjoy’s his work! Think of that as you head into the work week this Monday morning.