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Project Delta: One Forty

A new endeavor I am pursuing with the influence of my friend Bill Long is Project Delta. Like a lot of great ideas, it was germinated by a late night discussion and some great food. The premise of this project was a TED Talk by Matt Cutts about a 30-day challenge. He had committed to try and do something different every day for thirty days. My friend Bill took that idea and then decided to develop a new men’s group called Project Delta. Our goal is to create a change in men by not only doing a similar 30-day change but also connecting men to a “sponsor” of sorts. My first Project Delta goal is to write at least one hundred and forty words every day for the next thirty days. I just love that it is called Project Delta. Delta is the mathematical symbol for “change” or “change in”. It is represented by a triangle, Δ , and my math brain just loves that when you add up all the angles of a triangle it equals 180 degrees. Such Symbolism! Either way this is my post for day one.