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Project Delta: Missed a day

I missed a day in my thirty day challenge to write at least one hundred forty words and interestingly I felt it.

I wish I would have written.

I was really excited about sharing some thoughts but now I missed that and truthfully can’t remember what I was going to say. I actually felt like I did a disservice to myself. I realize now how many times I have missed out on a thought or a concept that didn’t get materialized because of my lack of doing something. I think that the opportunity to take action or least of all write it down is something I should really change and something that others should do as well. We are such remarkable beings with such creativity and logic. It is one of the characteristics that truly separate us from the other animals around us. We should take advantage of that and act on them. If your start to rhyme words together write a poem. Take that doodle or sketch to the next level and make painting. String some notes together and make a song. How much creation must pass when we don’t take action and do something with it.

I considered going back and writing the post for yesterday, but now I think I will leave it blank so I won’t forget it and remember those lost thoughts.