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Project Delta: No Diving


In 2004 I had a life changing experience when I dove into a swimming pool and shattered my spine. Specifically my C7 bone, which is the same bone that actor Christopher Reeve broke when he fell from a horse. I was told that I could become a paraplegic and would be paralyzed from my neck down. At only twenty years old I saw the entirety of my life’s path changing. I was dating Anna then and we had talked about marriage but suddenly I didn’t know how she might be with me needing constant care and being locked to a wheelchair. I thought of how I might have to readjust my thoughts of being a father. I was however saved by the grace of God and the great advances in modern medicine. The neurosurgeons were able to replace my C7 with a titanium infrastructure that was then fused to my C6 and T1 vertebrae. Now I am blessed to have recovered so well that most don’t even know that I had such a massive operation.