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Project Delta: East Coast Earthquake

Today I got to experience a pretty significant earthquake first hand. I was doing a presentation at Cabin Johns Middle School in Montgomery County, MD on the second floor computer lab. This is a brand new building so I just assumed at first the rumble was just heavy machinery working nearby in the parking lot. The rumble was quite steady but then suddenly grew in intensity. The light fixtures hanging from the ceiling really began to sway. The computers on the desks shifted around on the desks at the greatest point of the shock and then it was over. The teachers in the room with me all just looked at one another and then we started to leave the building in case of an aftershock. Once outside the fear waned as we all just made jokes about the instance and what we were doing. Twitter, Facebook, and text messages was all that anyone could do. The emergency service broadcast was heard playing very loudly from a nearby construction van. The epicenter was in Mineral, Virginia and the affects of the earthquake were felt as far north as New York and Connecticut and as far south as the Carolina’s. There was no major damage to the school building aside from some books falling askew, though DC did sustain varying degrees of damage. I can only imagine that if that was a 5.9 how tremendous and jarring something like the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti would have been. Thankfully there were no major injuries and no fatalities reported due to the earthquake, though the news talking heads didn’t help. Immediately drumming up fear about the Surry Nuclear Power plant in Virginia and safety precautions taken there. Of course due to all that fervor for good ratings with the news stations 495 was turned into a veritable parking lot.

Project Delta: Delayed Posts

I am realizing a minor issue I am having with my Project Delta. This is a thirty day challenge to write everyday. I have been writing every day but I often write the posts but then delay publishing. My reasoning is that I want to find the relevant links to the articles or a cool image to go in the featured slider, but its causing somewhat of a backlog. Additionally I am not sure if it is helpful the the whole purpose of Project Delta. Maybe I should just shoot from the hip. Maybe I shouldn’t try so hard because this is just after all a mind exercise more than anything else. Like Matt Cutts said in his TedTalk the thirty days are going to happen one way or another so you might as well get the best out of them. So instead of trying to get a perfect product maybe it should just be the product. Like this post for example is very stream of thought and not really going to be edited beyond spelling and  word choice. Hmm…