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Project Delta: HP – WebOS – Passing of a company

With the recent news of HP killing off the WebOS the world has seen that innovation doesn’t always mean that you can take on goliath. Apple’s dominance of the tablet market has set the standard for what tablets should look like and perform. What is even crazier is the firesale of HP Touchpads that has caused iPad like frenzy to buy up a product that won’t even have support soon. It reminds me though of the Tucker Torpedo and how such a cool and innovative vehicle still ended before its time. I did appreciate the irony that many tech blogs found in the fray of this final firesale (like the alliteration?) and the comments that some gave for their reasoningbehind jumping on what was effectively a sinking ship. A great majority of folks that jumped on the WebOS were individuals who had not made a decision about a tablet device and took advantage of just a great deal.