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Hacked Nook Update

My latest creation has been a success. The Barnes and Noble Nook Color is a great tablet reader that was released by the book reseller in the Fall of 2010. Sadly Barnes and Noble limited it to only run their custom version of Android which meant that it wasn’t able to harness the full Android Market and Google core functions. That was until the rooting community got a hold of it and then it was off to the races!

Many flavors of Android ROM’s exist for the Nook Color but by far the most tried and true is the CyanogenMod Community’s work. I personally have run it for at least two versions on my HTC EVO and been pleased by its small footprint and full root and power. I saw significant speed improvements and capabilities. Once I got my wife her Nook Color it didn’t even last the night before it was rooted and immediately updated to the latest CyanogenMod.

I am going to do further benchmarking etc. and post my results here.

UPDATE: Also just got a Dell Streak 7 and it is running Honeycomb now (well before Dell releases it) and I am pretty happy with it.