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The Filter Bubble

My friend Bill told me about this book and now that I have started I can’t stop and yet I can’t finish. This book is definitely one of those books that I need to constantly stop and re-read and research. Its brilliantly written. It definitely shines a new viewfinder on my internet consumption. It is all about the personalized search results/features of services like Google I am riveted and can’t wait to finish to encompass my thoughts and concerns.

What also concerns me is how online research is affected. If the internet is a “one way mirror” that is really personalized could that then mean results would biased to your opinion? Of course it does! The propensity towards a type of product would lead the results I find to top off with results that would be most attuned to me.

How will this affect a great number of students who don’t know how to research beyond “Googling” it. It really is throwing me for a loop. I really need to finish reading the book that way I can give a full break down but this book is so exciting I just had to blog.

The question is… Will you ever find my blog post if you don’t have me in your personalized search hit list?

Questions questions…