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Brilliant Ad

Europe once again does a great job an advertisement that explains the importance of… Well actually I won’t ruin it for you. Just watch.

Another Awesome Ad from Europe

As I stated before, outside of the US ad factories get to go crazy with their campaigns. Rarely do we see such awesomeness here in America. Lets see what comes out next.

Look at the world differently.

Well done CocaCola ad takes a look at positive security camera footage. I’m not sure if any of it is staged or not, but I am hoping its all real. It would be nice if people just gave a little bit.

Tippexperience Ad is Impressive

You seriously just have to watch this thru and then check out the crazy interactivity of this advertisement. Just wow. I went through as many years as I could. Even to year zero. Now it is a cool ad but I personally am not one to need whiteout tape, cool either way.