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Look at the world differently.

Well done CocaCola ad takes a look at positive security camera footage. I’m not sure if any of it is staged or not, but I am hoping its all real. It would be nice if people just gave a little bit.

WikiWars – Evan vs. Michael

This looks like it might have been developed during finals week at college.

Robotic grippers with granular jamming

When I read this the first time I though this would be a dancing robot, but this was so much cooler.

Corgi Explosion

I love big dogs, especially Great Danes, but for some reason I just love Corgi animated gifs. Seriously I don’t know what is wrong with me. More importantly is that the internet is so ready to fulfill a Google Search with so many options.

I think animated gifs are the brilliant new level of granular video. Check out a site like GifSoup and almost any video can immediately be turned into your own animated gif.


Original Sources

Going Offline = Sleep?

Paul Miller: Pioneer Pundit Pontificates Online Presence (This was my original title)

This one goes out to Paul Miller. I have followed his work from Engadget to The Verge and truly appreciate his view of technology and dare I say even his world views. His most recent project though is an interesting undertaking.

He’s quitting the internet for a year.

I know I am surrounded by devices that ping, buzz, and pop-up with innumerable notifications about anything and everything around me. I know at times I have to make an extra effort to focus on an activity and not incessantly check for any new updates from Twitter, G+, Facebook, even email or texts. I wonder at times what would it be like to be disconnected entirely from such a constant stream. The closest I could imagine would be my experience during my flights from BWI to ATL (though now even Gogo in-flight brings it back). What do I do… I rest and by rest I mean sleep. I know some people cannot but I love the low resonance and hum of the engines and I just go into an knockout comatose like sleep and wake refreshed but I digress.

Let me bring it back to Paul and his experiment. By being offline for a year he is challenging himself to use the sneakernet to do his work, actually walking over to co-workers and handing them files via USB keys instead of just emailing them. Going to the library for research (non-internet based) and for music (unlimited free music before Spotify/Rdio). All in an effort to quit cold turkey the insane inundation we have all around us.

This brings me back to my own brief stints with no communication on a plane or while riding through some distant stretch of highway. My only reaction in both of these instances is to sleep (except for when I am driving obviously). It just makes me wonder if I am really really worn out. I know the last thing I see as I sleep is a glowing screen with a Movie/TV show playing and the first thing I do is reach for those slew of devices to see what I missed during my mental disconnect for a few hours.

Maybe I need to purposefully disconnect more. I will be following Paul’s exploits to see how he does. Funny enough there’s no way for me to get Paul’s updates about being off the internet except by going on the internet. Obviously I am not in a place yet where I could go so completely offline, but maybe at least I can try it from time to time. Who knows maybe I will just end up sleeping.

What’s better than a sandbox?

A sandbox overlayed with some awesome augmented reality visuals powered thru Kinect. I mean why not! This could be an awesome platform for rapid prototyping of effects to ecosystems due to construction. Also a great place to fight GI Joe wars with crazy cool environments.

Tippexperience Ad is Impressive

You seriously just have to watch this thru and then check out the crazy interactivity of this advertisement. Just wow. I went through as many years as I could. Even to year zero. Now it is a cool ad but I personally am not one to need whiteout tape, cool either way.

BlackBerry 10 Camera

I never thought I would be impressed by Blackberry for something innovative. Well I was by this tiny snippet of the 2012 Keynote. Slight problem, this was the only thing that impressed. 3… 2… 1… An Android/iOS dev somewhere has started the app development. Soon there will be an App for that. Sheez.

I Am A Third Culture Kid

This resounds with me personally.

Born of Indian parents in the United States but growing up with Tamil spoken at home and with relatives it was always interesting to me how I saw my own culture. I was born in New York City but raised in Athens, GA and so I identify with the “yankee” vs “rebel” side of the United States.

I like my sweet tea brewed with sugar in it. I love Coke. I drive a diesel pickup truck. I hunt and fish and eat what I kill. With the right surrounding I even pick up a pretty deep southern drawl if you’re so lucky. Taking a glance at that without seeing me in person you would picture a white, conservative, southern, male “redneck”. Well all that is basically true except for white part; just replace it with brown. Yea scratch your head with that for awhile.

The reality of it all is that with globalization really hitting a maturity where there is little to no barrier for entry, kids could grow up anywhere. Not just the US melting pot. I have some close friends here in Baltimore who’s children were born here and schooled here, but soon they are going to return to India because there just simply are better opportunities “back home”. Now that is “home” for the parents, but the kids on the other hand might see the Mid-Atlantic coast of the US as home. That might change when they go back to India, but it will build their thought processes about the world and cultural.

I wonder now how we approach teaching these children with very broad world views. Better yet on a personal level, how I parent a kid like that.

Whoa. I just freaked myself out.


Mars in a Minute

I love these series of videos. I wish I had them when I was in school.