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I am excited to see a seed of an idea truly germinate before my eyes. Last night I went out with my friend Bill Long for his birthday and he shared an idea with me. Within the course of that dinner the idea I was introduced to gained serious momentum and direction. We had a few friends who were a part of the conversation thanks to Google Huddle, virtually throwing out ideas on the table with Bill’s phone and my phone happily buzzing away in time with the pitches. Later that evening a Google Doc was created and now a collaborative document is under construction as I type. This type of rich content creation and collaboration is something that I really can’t imagine the world without it now. What did we do before in the days of Don Draper? I guess a lot of scotch and bar napkins. I will take my Google Huddle and Google Doc over that for now.

Oh and if you are curious about me sharing the idea that we are working on. Not going to happen. Not yet at least. I will however tease at the idea with simply this.


Google Plus

Like Versus PlusSo Much to say… So little time… Except for a Podcast! Tech Talk Guys is coming back!