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BlackBerry 10 Camera

I never thought I would be impressed by Blackberry for something innovative. Well I was by this tiny snippet of the 2012 Keynote. Slight problem, this was the only thing that impressed. 3… 2… 1… An Android/iOS dev somewhere has started the app development. Soon there will be an App for that. Sheez.

App-solutely Necessary

There are so many apps available now digging through all of them to find the gems can be a tedious process. I love to do this sort of App mining so I end up with literally hundreds of apps I go through or even have at any one time. My iPad for example has well over 200 apps right now and I am constantly cycling through new ones and deleting old ones. While many are just gaming apps that let me waste even more time in my day some are actually productive and help me get through my day. Some actually are very hard for me to live without! Apps especially that are ubiquitous across Android and iOS definitely garner more attention as I usually carry (no kidding) a Samsung Galaxy S2 (primary phone), Dell Streak 7 running custom Honeycomb OS, iPad1 (64gb cause any less would be useless to me), iPod Touch (64gb again), and a Kindle. That list does not include laptop(s) including 11″ Macbook Air, Dell workhorse, Dell 2100 Netbook with Linux, Dell Mini 9 Netbook with Snow Leopard, but usually there are only going to be two of those with me.

Either way this post isn’t about my atrocious addiction to carrying gear, but instead the apps that I use across all those devices I couldn’t live without. I am not going to talk about Mail, Calendar, or other basic apps that are built into the core of the devices but those apps obviously get ludicrous screen time.

First up are the ubiquitous ones which as stated before inherently get most of my attention for their cross platform nature.

Evernote: If you don’t have this then I assume you are a conceited forgetful and useless individual. Like a waiter who refuses to write down complicated orders there is some hubris to someone who thinks they can remember all the details of life and/or work. Ok I’m not really trying to be that harsh but Evernote is my second brain. Any random notes, images, recordings, journals, and even blog posts can immediately be jotted down. This app is wonderful on Android, iOS, even Google Chrome as a web clipper.

Dropbox: What I did before Dropbox came into my life makes me feel like it was a primeval time using USB flash drives or even worse… CDs! *Gasp* When there is such widespread access to the internet, actually moving files with any sort of physical medium does seem aged. Dropbox’s capability to automatically sync files across my devices makes it so much easier than a cable or being harnessed into my machines.

South Korean Has Gone Samsung

A recent post by techblog Engadget reveals that one-quarter of South Korean phone owners have a Galaxy S II, according to Samsung. Now the overall numbers are still pretty pedestrian compared to other devices, but considering the sheer “per capita” numbers having one quarter of a country own and use your device is quite a feather to have in your hat. Way to go Samsung. Even I have a derivative of Sammie’s GS2 with my Sprint Epic Touch 4G.

New WordPress App


I might be late to the game on this but the new android app for Word press is very nice. I think I might take all of my photos, links, and resources from Twitter and put it on here instead. This way I have the option of microblog or full blog.

Something New

I am excited to see a seed of an idea truly germinate before my eyes. Last night I went out with my friend Bill Long for his birthday and he shared an idea with me. Within the course of that dinner the idea I was introduced to gained serious momentum and direction. We had a few friends who were a part of the conversation thanks to Google Huddle, virtually throwing out ideas on the table with Bill’s phone and my phone happily buzzing away in time with the pitches. Later that evening a Google Doc was created and now a collaborative document is under construction as I type. This type of rich content creation and collaboration is something that I really can’t imagine the world without it now. What did we do before in the days of Don Draper? I guess a lot of scotch and bar napkins. I will take my Google Huddle and Google Doc over that for now.

Oh and if you are curious about me sharing the idea that we are working on. Not going to happen. Not yet at least. I will however tease at the idea with simply this.


Ft. Lauderdale is Beautiful

I am traveling in South Florida for some work and really wanting to do more with my camera phone. No doubt HTC did a great job with the camera in my HTC EVO, but I know I want more. Considering I love shooting with my DSLR one BIG thing that immediately sets apart DSLR cameras from your average Point and Shoot are the interchangeable lenses. That is where the internet steps in and with a quick search I stumbled across the neat little lenses at PhotoJoJo. I mean just look at this sample photo!! So AWESOME!! I mean no offense either but you can see that the sample photo below was taken with a Blackberry which isn’t really known for high quality photography. Now think about your own device… Yea thats what I thought. Now you want one too. Now that PhotoJoJo has them back in stock, you can! But first let me order mine!

Buy the Fisheye, Macro, and Wide Angle Camera Phone Lenses at the Photojojo Store!

Dell Streak 7 with Honeycomb

My Dell Streak is now running a version of Honeycomb and I am very pleased with the Android tablet optimized version. I will do some more testing and then post some thoughts soon. So far it has been really clean and fast. Happy to know that it doesn’t require heavy hardware to run. Even 3D apps run quick and smoothly considering the Streak is a little underpowered compared to the latest Xoom, Sammie, and HTC entry. I will save the rest of my review for later though.

The Android Market

I love that Google keeps refreshing their market and apps for what the users desire. It should be rolling out soon but if you are an early adopter type then you can get the apk here.




Google Plus

Like Versus PlusSo Much to say… So little time… Except for a Podcast! Tech Talk Guys is coming back!

The Filter Bubble

My friend Bill told me about this book and now that I have started I can’t stop and yet I can’t finish. This book is definitely one of those books that I need to constantly stop and re-read and research. Its brilliantly written. It definitely shines a new viewfinder on my internet consumption. It is all about the personalized search results/features of services like Google I am riveted and can’t wait to finish to encompass my thoughts and concerns.

What also concerns me is how online research is affected. If the internet is a “one way mirror” that is really personalized could that then mean results would biased to your opinion? Of course it does! The propensity towards a type of product would lead the results I find to top off with results that would be most attuned to me.

How will this affect a great number of students who don’t know how to research beyond “Googling” it. It really is throwing me for a loop. I really need to finish reading the book that way I can give a full break down but this book is so exciting I just had to blog.

The question is… Will you ever find my blog post if you don’t have me in your personalized search hit list?

Questions questions…