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BlackBerry 10 Camera

I never thought I would be impressed by Blackberry for something innovative. Well I was by this tiny snippet of the 2012 Keynote. Slight problem, this was the only thing that impressed. 3… 2… 1… An Android/iOS dev somewhere has started the app development. Soon there will be an App for that. Sheez.

Quadrotors should do everything

Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme – YouTube.

Cellphone Etiquette

I really think phone etiquette is something that goes totally unchecked. I will say this musician dealt with it in a funny way that I am sure embarrassed the cell phone offender.

Sony Dreams “Dashed”?

With the recent news that Sony is planning to close its Dash developer site on February 29th, The Verge reported that the alarm clock’s future was uncertain. Does that deter me from jumping on the opportunity to get a deal on a neat tech toy? Nope. Got a notification early this morning from that they had new Dashes for a greatly reduced price, so I jumped on it. Even though the dev site is closing the Dash apps would still be available. Additionally there is also the integration of Chumby apps that gives even more widgets. Admittedly I am not completely in the know of what I can and can’t do on the back end but I am excited to have a new platform to work with in the house. I will update again once the new small screen comes in.

The Apple Store is down… G-bye White Macbook

Apple Store Down::UPDATE:: We all should have a moment of silence for the white Macbook. It won’t have any descendants.

I wonder what this means… New products or just regular maintenance? Hmmm. I guess in a few hours or so we will know more about what this means. I think it would be interesting if Apple pulls a surprise hat trick and launches products outside of their usual schedule.

I know there are some friends of mine that would be hot if they found out their few month old iPad2 wasn’t the hotness. Just on that stance alone I am dubious as to this heralding a new iPad release, but maybe some glimpse at iPhone5 foolery. Maybe. Even that is suspicious as the iPhones’ usually get attention from Mr. Jobs.

White Macbook

Insane for Invicta (and good deals)

Invicta I am such a sucker for beautiful watches. My favorite collection of watches are made by Invicta. They especially make large face watches which for some are imposing but I personally love the detail work that can be done with a bigger watch case. The other awesome thing about Invicta are how inexpensive they are. Especially with sites like InvictaShark that have a watch a day that is at dramatically reduced prices.

Of course the deal-a-day type site draws the allure of giving me an offer that I don’t want to miss out on, which inevitably means that I buy watches even when I don’t need anymore watches! I think these deal-a-day sites (Sharkstores/Woot/Groupon) have developed a totally new market segment. I just joined a new site called Fab, which has some uniquely designed products that are also on sale for a limited time. Check it out!

Ft. Lauderdale is Beautiful

I am traveling in South Florida for some work and really wanting to do more with my camera phone. No doubt HTC did a great job with the camera in my HTC EVO, but I know I want more. Considering I love shooting with my DSLR one BIG thing that immediately sets apart DSLR cameras from your average Point and Shoot are the interchangeable lenses. That is where the internet steps in and with a quick search I stumbled across the neat little lenses at PhotoJoJo. I mean just look at this sample photo!! So AWESOME!! I mean no offense either but you can see that the sample photo below was taken with a Blackberry which isn’t really known for high quality photography. Now think about your own device… Yea thats what I thought. Now you want one too. Now that PhotoJoJo has them back in stock, you can! But first let me order mine!

Buy the Fisheye, Macro, and Wide Angle Camera Phone Lenses at the Photojojo Store!

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