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New Macbook Air


I am really liking the new Macbook Air. The boys and girls at Cupertino finally added the backlit keyboard into the smallest Mac laptop. The svelte machine also has the new Sandy hardware that Apple recently introduced. I have been avoiding the Cheezit sized Air for a little while but then seeing this photo of the construction, makes me really interested.

WWDC: iOS taking GoogCues

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then Google must be kinda happy today. The usual revolutionary releases from Apple didn’t seem so “revolutionary” but instead kind of ordinary. The additions to iOS5 was really just taking cues from Google but in Apple style “it just works”. HAHA… yea we know Google has been doing it for a while and it has been working great. One thing I was happy to see with iOS was integration of Twitter right into the OS. There were some other features that were pretty cool but the one thing they did not include that I was waiting for was widgets!

I was really hoping that the iPad at least would get some derivative of MacOS Dashboard that would be widget-able. I guess that will have to come later.

Gruber and Apple

Daring FireballI love reading John Gruber‘s posts from time to time. I have a strange relationship with Apple. They definitely make great stuff but often I feel like their rabid fan base is a little coo-coo. And no matter what I think they overcharge for their gear, I don’t care if its wrapped in an “aluminium uni-body” (which sounds like something Ironman might have). The userbase is crazy though. Only Apple fanboys have documentaries made about them, well Star Wars and Trekkies do too.

Out of all those Mac-heads out there though the loudest and the one that mass media often turns to is John Gruber. He has a vast and reputable network of contacts, but MAN does he think Apple is heaven. In his eyes they Cupertino giant can do no wrong. Either way it is fun to read his views from time to time… just need Apple anti-dote afterwards.


Oh boy… Here goes the rumor mill again; though there could be some credibility to this. I know there are the iPhone5 hints wandering around but the latest in the last few days points to Apple releasing their very popular device to Sprint and T-Mobile as well.

I have been a Sprint customer for years and I have seen the company go through some serious downs and with its embrace of Android some continual ups lately. The release of their flagship HTC EVO really was a shot in the arm as it was the premier Android device at CES year back. They also had some first-to-market opportunities with its marriage with Wi-Max and their MiFi hotspots like Overdrive.


Brown noise… Hehe…

Planetary for iPad

Screenshot of App in Action

Daft Punk - Discovery as seen by Planetary for iPad






























I usually HATE weird music visualizers/navigators. In the end they always seem to just take longer to find my music and is really just a gimmick. Planetary for iPad on the other hand is actually a gimmick I don’t mind. Check it out. It is free after all.