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The Lion OSX 10.7 on my Macbook Air is just awesome. Yes some apps are buggy and I am sure that they will get fixed over time, but overall it has been really good to me. I know some people think it is garbage. I know some of the folder management was weird (but can be changed back to more traditional file structure). I know I had to learn a whole Tai Chi like way of using the trackpad but it has been rewarding. Being a huge Keyboard shortcut user, having some slick functionality added to that trackpad has me coming back to it more now. The easy of navigating windows has me less and less using Command – Tab and more swipey uppy downy movements instead. More experimenting is on going right now but I just had to post because I needed to.

Breathing New Air

Lion InfoI apologize for the horrible pun, but I am pretty excited about this Macbook Air. Thanks to a lucky draw I was able exchange an iPad2 and get this little machine. I have always liked the Air but underwhelmed with its processor and SSD size. This new Air with an i5 processor and 4gb of RAM is just about perfect. Now I am shopping for a possible harddrive upgrade and looking at the 320gb from OWC. I know I know… I will break in this laptop a little more before I start hacking on it. The iPad has dropped off my “goto” device list now thanks to this MBA.

The Apple Store is down… G-bye White Macbook

Apple Store Down::UPDATE:: We all should have a moment of silence for the white Macbook. It won’t have any descendants.

I wonder what this means… New products or just regular maintenance? Hmmm. I guess in a few hours or so we will know more about what this means. I think it would be interesting if Apple pulls a surprise hat trick and launches products outside of their usual schedule.

I know there are some friends of mine that would be hot if they found out their few month old iPad2 wasn’t the hotness. Just on that stance alone I am dubious as to this heralding a new iPad release, but maybe some glimpse at iPhone5 foolery. Maybe. Even that is suspicious as the iPhones’ usually get attention from Mr. Jobs.

White Macbook

New Macbook Air


I am really liking the new Macbook Air. The boys and girls at Cupertino finally added the backlit keyboard into the smallest Mac laptop. The svelte machine also has the new Sandy hardware that Apple recently introduced. I have been avoiding the Cheezit sized Air for a little while but then seeing this photo of the construction, makes me really interested.

WWDC: iOS taking GoogCues

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then Google must be kinda happy today. The usual revolutionary releases from Apple didn’t seem so “revolutionary” but instead kind of ordinary. The additions to iOS5 was really just taking cues from Google but in Apple style “it just works”. HAHA… yea we know Google has been doing it for a while and it has been working great. One thing I was happy to see with iOS was integration of Twitter right into the OS. There were some other features that were pretty cool but the one thing they did not include that I was waiting for was widgets!

I was really hoping that the iPad at least would get some derivative of MacOS Dashboard that would be widget-able. I guess that will have to come later.