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Never Give up. Poison Newt style.

Star Wars Flashmob

 Once again Europe has awesome flashmobs.

Gangnam Style (RaOn acoustic cover) 강남스타일 어쿠스틱 버젼

Gangnam Style has of course been lighting up the internet all over the place. I will say I saw it long before Psy signed with Biebers company and then on Ellen, TMZ, and GMA. I don’t want to sound like a hipster and reference any tweets etc that I may have made. Either way it is getting played in so many derivatives but this is my current favorite.

Brilliant Ad

Europe once again does a great job an advertisement that explains the importance of… Well actually I won’t ruin it for you. Just watch.

A Day Without A Cell Phone

Interesting observation. I am wondering if I could do this. I love this comments that he felt like he was Neo from the Matrix. Outside the system looking in.

So off I went into the streets of New York City sans a cell phone. At first, I felt liberated, like Neo in “The Matrix” when he took the red pill and could finally see the “real world.”

Instead of texting or checking my e-mail, I began to actually look at the people I was sharing the streets with. It truly resembled a movie set filled with extras from all walks of life. A beautiful woman walked quickly past me while fixing her make up. Asian tourists were busy snapping photos. A businessman looked busy talking on his phone. A group of Hasidic men were kibitzing while an Arab man sold falafel from a cart.

Dean Obeidallah
Dean Obeidallah

Don’t get me wrong I am not going to pull a Paul Miller and go offline. I think for someone as connected as me though this would be a good challenge and even a refreshing time away. Instead of a vacation… a tech-cation. I need to trademark that.

8 Milestones in Recorded Sound

As a sound guy this little video is pretty cool. You need headphones to experience it fully but it really is cool. Check it out.

Sea life never ceases to amaze

I love to go fishing. Not just because the critters are tasting but because the ocean has such beautiful animals. This Ribbon Eel can attest to that.

Why is song this everywhere on Youtube?

Did I miss some memo that this song needed to be used in every other video on Youtube. I apologize that you have to listen to it again because of this but I just don’t get it. We live in an age where any one can be a movie maker and have vast resources of music from eveyr genre. Yet somehow people get to Youtube and just put this kinda junk up. Weird.

Soccer Fans Are Awesome.

Another Awesome Ad from Europe

As I stated before, outside of the US ad factories get to go crazy with their campaigns. Rarely do we see such awesomeness here in America. Lets see what comes out next.