Well my wife is on Pinterest and I have hovered over her while she “pins”. It seems interesting but really like a DIY/Craft/Design/Artsy version of Tumblr. Don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed recipes Anna pulled from Pinterest and some of our Christmas decor this year was influenced by things pinned from Pinterest (not sure if thats the right lingo). Now I am not going to dismiss its viability amidst all the other microblog/social sites, but it further shows that success can be driven by appealing to a niche. My “interest” now is how can I develop something for the next niche.

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  1. Jayne Lloyd says:

    You’re genius Joe! Go get em! Can’t wait to see or hear your ideas come to fruition! You’re absolutely right- I avoided pinterest for so long until someone snagged me with tales of money saving diy type projects an bam!- I’m hooked. I’ve found so much on there I want to try. So that just proves your point.

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