I, for one, am happy that my battery doesn’t last all day….

I, for one, am happy that my battery doesn’t last all day. I haven’t gone insane, hear me out…

I know I sound crazy right? Considering right now on my desk I have a Samsung Galaxy 2, two iDevices, Blackberry, and Macbook Air (all of which will join me on my adventures today) you would think that I would want my batteries to last forever. After reading an interview with Peter Rojas (of Engadget, Gizmodod, GDGT fame) I did realize that while technology in general is following Moore’s Law, battery technology is on a much slower rate of increase. There are some interesting developments but nothing has hit the mainstream market.

Thinking about it though, as connected as I am, I actually realize it is a breath of fresh air to end the day with a bunch of dead devices that give me a respite from the din of notifications, SMS, email, etc.

We too often believe we need to be “living nodes” on this digital network. Facebook notifies about tags, pokes, wall comments, and we disengage from those physically around us to answer that instead. Don’t get me wrong, I am just as guilty of stopping everyone’s meal to take a picture and post it to Foursquare. I am not innocent of the aforementioned offenses.

What I do realize is that I am thankful my batteries do die from time to time so I actually have to look up from my beautiful AMOLED screen and take in the beautiful world around me.

Enjoy the day. Disconnect. Let that phone, ipad, laptop battery die from time to time.

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