Project Delta: Untitled ::UPDATED:: Thank’s Ms. Horton

The FrizzI am not sure what to write. I just know I need to. I have to put thoughts down. I am always curious what writer’s block feels like, but I am not a writer (until now) and so never knew. I suddenly remember my eighth grade teacher Ms. Horton’s comments, “if you ever get stuck writing, just start writing about nothing and not being able to write and you will write!” She was a little crazy in the Ms. Frizzle sensibility. The teachers I had in my life were really formative to my character. I mean I am a teacher now. Wow. Ms. Horton was right! So I guess I want to write about my teachers. Teachers in general are so critical to your individual development. I mean the reality is that teachers are in children’s lives a lot more than their parents in some senses. Five days a week for several hours in the school day and then hours at home through assignments they are part of the development of young lives. Even if a student is homeschooled, then the education that he or she receives is crucial to their world view and personal ambition. I know that I am blessed that my parents partnered with the teachers to have a trifecta of influence between the teacher, mom, and dad. I know that I really appreciate it and as evidence to it, I gotta give a shout out to Ms. Horton for her advice umpteen number of years ago because from a blank page to a full article in no time flat.

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