Project Delta: Saddleback Leather

Dark Coffee BriefcaseI have been looking longingly at Saddleback Leather since my friend Scott Mcdaniel suggested them on his site, I am a bit of a bag junkie owning several different laptop bags and carriers and most are not your off the shelf of Best Buy or Target kind of bags. One backpack I have is a Mil-Spec Ranger 3-day ruck bag with inserts for 3L hydration pack, 4 AR magazine pouches, 1 NVG pouch, and GOBS of other pockets and strapping. Now though this bag is perfect for prepping for any upcoming Zombie apocalypse it is a bit of overkill in the board room (I still rock it from time to time though). I then got a sleeker Kenneth Cole Reaction leather briefcase in black that seemed more fit for the corporate settings I work in. Sadly though it didn’t have the volume I need for all my gadgetry. All the while the Saddleback offering was in the back of my mind. Well when I put a bug in Scott’s ear he was gracious enough to let me try out his, in the hopes I might buy his. I think he did it also because he knew I would be smitten. The full grain leather, heirloom quality construction, and just a rugged yet sophisticated look has me completely won over. It definitely wins up to the company’s tag line: “They’ll fight over it when your dead” because right now I can’t picture me having any other bag at all.

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