Project Delta: Bonsai

Bonsai closeupContinuing with my plant trend from yesterday, today I got to spend some time working on my Bonsai tree. I have had this tree for just over six months and I have done some moderate “training” with it. I really liked the shape that it came in anyway so I wanted to let it grow naturally. One thing that it did lack was a good “landscape” to set the tree off. While clearing the full size trees from the back of my property yesterday, I found some swathes of nice moss that peeled up easily. Today I went back and collected some of the cleanest and weed-free moss sections to add to my Bonsai. It was very calming standing there working on the tree. Slowly adding more moss here and there as needed. I really enjoyed trying to make the little scene seem as if it were a full size tree in a little patch of green. I also had some nice tumbled rocks that I added for just separation.

The forty minutes or so that I spent working on that tree did really make me realize the calming nature of the activity. I can completely understand how Japanese bonsai masters could relax and just focus in on that activity. I even found myself individually picking out the moss so it stood in the same patterns. Either way the end result was awesome and I am glad I got to spend that quiet time just working on it.


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