Gruber and Apple

Daring FireballI love reading John Gruber‘s posts from time to time. I have a strange relationship with Apple. They definitely make great stuff but often I feel like their rabid fan base is a little coo-coo. And no matter what I think they overcharge for their gear, I don’t care if its wrapped in an “aluminium uni-body” (which sounds like something Ironman might have). The userbase is crazy though. Only Apple fanboys have documentaries made about them, well Star Wars and Trekkies do too.

Out of all those Mac-heads out there though the loudest and the one that mass media often turns to is John Gruber. He has a vast and reputable network of contacts, but MAN does he think Apple is heaven. In his eyes they Cupertino giant can do no wrong. Either way it is fun to read his views from time to time… just need Apple anti-dote afterwards.

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